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Win FREE sports prizes!

This section contains prizes of sports and general keep-fit equipment. We are giving away anything we feel is sporty in here; this will also include any gadgets or gizmos we think fall into this category.
Keep checking back to see what we are giving away, with no cost or hidden catches.

X-Twin Pro 3D Air Dasher

Radio controlled, twin propeller 3D Stunt Plane.

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Enter latest competition for free

Astrojax V-MAX

Perform the most amazing tricks with this free-dimensional skill toy

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Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang

High performance, triangular designed, outdoor boomerang

Astrojax V-MAX

Perform the most amazing tricks with this free-dimensional skill toy

Enter latest juggling competition for free


Sport is a broad term that could be used to define umpteen numbers of games. Indoor, outdoor, Board, Card, Field and many more sub categories fall under this word ‘Sports’. One good thing about Sport is that there is a variety to choose from for everyone. Be it an infant of 3 years or an adult there is something for everyone. So what is your favourite sport? Football, Basketball, Cricket, Swimming or Golf? Whatever your choice we are sure to have a product that you may be looking for. We will have a large collection of Sports equipment lined up for our customers.

Apart from sports equipment you could also shop for accessories and sports clothing from Dimzu. Be it a swim suit, cleaning kit for sports equipments or strings for your rackets, we will have a stock of all that you might need.

Our site has been designed to guide you carefully through all the categories of products we sell from different popular brands. Take the time to browse through different products and compare prices before settling for the ones that suit your needs. From time to time we also have offers and contests that les you win fabulous prizes and save a lot of cash.

Quality, affordability and variety are our motto. Hence you will not have to be worried about choosing a product of any brand that we promote as it would be made of the finest materials to last for a long time. Should you need any assistance or if you have any queries to be clarified, do not hesitate to contact us as we are always privileged to be at your service. Shop with Dimzu to experience what you have never experienced before, we will ensure to take all necessary steps to make your visit is a satisfying and memorable one.

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